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never forgotten …

Daijiro Kato, Castrol HRC-Honda NSR250, 1998 Japanese 250cc Grand Prix, Suzuka


The 250cc Grand Prix World Championship-winning Honda NSR250 of Daijiro Kato sits in the lobby of the Gresini Racing offices. Kato — who was tragically killed in a crash at the season-opening MotoGP race at Suzuka in 2003 — is a guiding spirit at Gresini, with his number 74 a part of the company logo.



 Daijiro Kato #11años #MotoGPLegend #Respect

Me last friday drinking coffee with a mug a dear friend sent me from Wales ♥

New haircut.

What are you looking for?

This morning, listening music. #jupiter #visualkei #jrock #ipod #japanese #music #random

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Let’s see this is a coordinate of my nails and my awesome bag. #nailpolish

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Y así ahora exhiben celulares en la tienda de mis papás. LOL

Me acaban de regalar esto :3 <3


Well, it’s already April 12th in Colombia, so as I promised, I am publishing this video. Let’s share some love on here!

This crazy thing was a promise I made for a close friend of mine, Natsumi A.K.A. nishijima-lover / captain-star-gazer around second half of 2013 year. Even the internal jokes (like the nickname who I use for sign this video, Space Pineapple or the thing of the photo of myself with the cookie) are part of the promise.

But well, it’s not just the promise to Natsumi. I really admire him loads, despite I did not want to talk about this so openly for avoid mimimimimimimis of people mixing politics about.

As you know, today is April 12th, the day of Human Spaceflight Exploring, and also another anniversary since the day Yuri Gagarin became the first human being on seeing the space. :’3 (IN FACT THAT’S WHY)

I hope all the people who sees this madness like this. Natsumi and lauziita already saw this video before, in exclusive, some days ago, but now, it’s avaliable for everybody watching it.

Soooo enjoooooy ^_^ <3 #sharethelove

WARNING: Seriously I do not want political discussions here. Just enjoy the video, OK? If you do bullshit, I will be very nasty, and honestly later people asks why I did keep a veeeeery low profile regarding my admiration to Gagarin. So use your freaking common sense.

le me drinking Colombian coffee in the customized mug my dear sister nishijima-lover sent to me <3

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