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More stickers xD #DK74 #motogp

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Guitar Kana xD.

The guitar is courtesy of a cousin. And I learned a bit xD

The two sets of stickers who came with my DVD about Dai-chan as a bonus of the amazing people of Daijiro.net (Kato’s official website).

I used one of the two “74” stickers for my laptop ^_^ ♥

#DK74 #motogp

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Finally my new laptop looks awesome. #DK74 #MotoGP

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My tribute tattoo to Yusaku was done today!It hurts like hell,but who cares!I love it! <3


Joachim Löw [German NT Coach] disguised as an employee in a NIVEA shop, surprises unsuspecting customers. [x

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Yesterday I could see the first two chapters of Sailor Moon Crystal.

I must say, I feel really happy of seeing a remixed version of my childhood.

I am a (moderated) fan of Sailor Moon and this was my first anime. Also, recently I could read the manga (despite with a not very good translation in Spanish).

So, after of reading the manga and having so many memories, I must say, I do appreciate SMC.

It is more similar to the manga, despite there are some things who were extended and changed slightly. For me, the most notorious was the issue of the relationship of Ami Mizuno with the CD-ROM. In the manga, Ami refuses to use it because she does not feel that she needs a computer for keep her studying; at SMC, she is the on who suffers most the brainwashing.

I loved “PRIDE MOON”, the opening. I am not a fan of Momoiro Clover Z, since actually only BABYMETAL and the “48” groups (especially AKB48) are the groups I listen most at the idol scene. But, I must say, I loved the song, though I must admit the fact of Revo (Leader, composer and only official member of Sound Horizon and Linked Horizon) being behind of the lyrics and music of the song had so much to do about it. And I began to be recently veeeeery fan of Sound Horizon, so… :3 <3

The Soundtrack I consider it very cool. The idea of the choruses for the “Make-Up!” I consider it badass. Also the graphics for the sequences of transformation are very good, and cool.

Now I am waiting for early August so I can see the chapter of Rei Hino <3.

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(Top two images are from Lunar Archivist.)

I’m trying to wrap my head around Makoto’s apartment. How does this look? Close?

We see Makoto’s apartment twice; once briefly in R and again more closely at the start of the SuperS movie. Between the two there are some differences, but enough similarities to make me think it’s meant to be the same place. But we have to assume that one of the representations is “wrong”. Given how much more effort was put into her room for the SuperS movie, I figure it should take precedence, and the glimpse we see of her room in R should just serve as inspiration.

Makoto’s place is 206, and given the abundance of windows I’m guessing it’s one of the corner apartments, which allows for the L-shape. The windows are what allow us to place most everything. The big window in the kitchen scene matches the window(s) to the far right in the exterior building shot.

The door behind Ami doesn’t match the front door and the louvers make it look like a bathroom or bedroom door, but realistically speaking, Makoto probably only has a one-room apartment, so it’s probably a bathroom. Because we can see the exterior hallway, we know that the apartments are flush with exterior wall, so the bathroom probably sticks out like in the illustration.

The large windows that look out onto the balcony are probably not sliding doors (the panels are too narrow) so they are probably two large windows and a single door. If we take some liberties with the glimpse we see of Makoto’s room in R, then it’s possible that her bed is against that corner. The purple sofa chair we see in the pan shot may be the same sofa in the concept sketch (or at least in the same place). So the pan shot kind of… swings in an L-shaped arc around to the kitchen area. Finally, she would have some kind of divider or curtain to separate her bed from the rest of her apartment.

I’m sticking with this because trying to think of anything else makes my head hurt.

@windchimesandsmoke said: but if she can see the island and sink from her bed it wouldn’t be around a corner would it?

That’s why I’m saying we have to accept that one of these is wrong, and I’m guessing it’s the episode from R. There isn’t any other way to make the R placement work with the established layout of her kitchen. But we can take it as inspiration; the pan shot is kind of an abstract representation of Minako’s chaos.

I received these beauties at June 27th *O*.

  1. Little notebook, from Daijiro Kato Official Website Online Shop
  2. 2001 Grand Prix 250cc World Championship Complete Set (8DVDs) published originally by Wick, with Japanese commentaries; from Daijiro Kato Official Website Online Shop. The guys of Daijiro’s Official Website also offered two sets of stickers with the DVD set as a gift.
  3. Fujiwara Ranka no 4-koma Gekijo from Amazon Japan
  4. Ranka Fujiwara’s 2014 4-koma calendar (I do not know from where my Japanese mate got this since from Tsutaya it was sold out, but somehow she could get it)
  5. Riding Sport MotoGP 2014 Calendar. Gift from my Japanese mate.
  6. Katsuyuki Nakasuga poster published by Riding Sport. Gift from my Japanese mate. In the photo it appears a part of it.
  7. Shoya Tomizawa poster published by Riding Sport. Gift from my Japanese mate. This is a double poster, and in the photo it is shown only Shoya celebrating his victory at Qatar 2010. The other side has Shoya at his bike.

All of this came from Japan. ^^


Hani Hulu By: Langston Hues

Detroit, Michigan U.S.A.



Nintendo Portable Evolution by Alejo Fernández