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About me

Well, hello people.

This is me, Jessica, although you can call me Kanaru :3. My whole nickname is Kanaru Abe Mimimi Prost von Pepinous Saotome Aizawa Plop, although I prefer to be called just “Kanaru”, “Kanaru Abe” or “Kanaru von Pepinous”.

You can also call me Space Pineapple ;).

I’m 21 years, and I’m Colombian, exactly from Leticia, in border with Brazil and Peru, but I live in Bogotá since 2009 year.

I’m studying System Engineering and although I have some problems this is epic :D.

Languages: Spanish (Castellano), English and Portuguese. I’m learning as well Japanese Language. I also consider “drawing” my Language. I can read Italian language more or less, but I cannot speak it.

I’m amateur artist and musician, I play violin since I was eight years old, and I draw since I have memory.

I’m a declared Japanese rock and metal fan, especially visual kei scene and other stuff. I also like Western power metal and other stuff, like jazz, Japanese pop, etcetera. I’m also into some movie soundtracks and trailer music.

Favourite bands and artists: X JAPAN, hide, T-SQUARE, Kamelot, Versailles, Malice Mizer, Sound Horizon, AKB48, DragonForce, Raphael, Galneryus, DELUHI, An Cafe, Kagrra, HIZAKI Grace Project, T.M. Revolution, Ayumi Hamasaki, Polysics, Nightwish, and the list is epically long.

Favourite song: Rusty Nail by X JAPAN.

Formula One fan since 2002-2003 year, but I’m officially fan of this since November 2008. I like a lot Sebastian Vettel, Nelson Piquet Sr., Alain Prost, Kamui Kobayashi, Takuma Sato, and a way long list. Formerly a fan of Ayrton Senna, but retired for undefined time due personal reasons.

I know about MotoGP since 2003 (unfortunately, because I found Daijiro Kato’s crash in the news), and I like it, but I’m just entering on this seriously since 2011. I like a lot of recent riders and I consider more or less a Rossista, but I’m mostly Katista, so… XD

My first F1 race: Austria 2002 (fail…)
My first MotoGP race: Laguna Seca 2011.

I don’t have oficially “idols” because I do not like that word, but I have heroes. Who? Probably Hideto “hide” Matsumoto and… Marco Simoncelli and Daijiro Kato, probably. Special mention to Norifumi “Norick” Abe because a gazillion of personal reasons.

By the way, I’m actually in Pottermore. My username is FireboltWombat15357 and I’m on Slytherin.

Well, people, see you! :3

kanaru abe 「阿部カナル」