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Individual meanings of kanjis for Daijiro’s name


Family name: Katō 「加藤」

Used for verb “increase”, “join”, “include”, “add”. It also defines the word “addition” and it’s the kanji used for Canada.
For the reading on verbs is used the kunyomi reading, and it can be “kuwaeru” or “kuwaru”.
For composing other words, it’s often used the onyomi (Derivated from Chinese reading) “ka”.

It has not nanori (exclusive for given names) readings.

Info about this kanji here.

It’s the kanji for the wisteria flower. For refer to the flower it’s read “fuji”, as being its kunyomi reading. It’s also used this pronunciation for “Fujiwara” family name (藤原) and other words related with purple or wisteria.
This kanji is also very common in some Japanese family names with the onyomi pronunciations “tō”, or if softened, “dō”.

Other family names using this kanji on pronunciation onyomi are Andō (安藤 for example Masahiro Andō, guitarrist and leader of Japanese jazz band T-SQUARE) and another way more common: Satō (左藤 like Takuma Satō, Japanese Indycar driver).

It has three nanori readings: “zou”, “to” (NOT confuse with the onyomi readings, since the onyomi has long vocals) and “fuju”.

Info about this kanji here.

Given name: Daijirō  「大治郎」

This kanji always means “big” or “large”. Its onyomi readings are only two: “tai” and “dai”. This second one is the used for “Daijirō”.
For kunyomi, it’s used “oo”, and it’s always used together with other words, or, for write “ookii” (大きい), the adjective word for “big”. At nihongoresources, it’s put other kunyomi reading that actually I don’t know for what is used.

That’s why Katō’s nickname, “Dai-chan” it’s always written: 大ちゃん. If you hear this word or you read these kanjis in any context of Japanese motorbike racing, surely they will be talking about Daijirō.

It has thirteen nanori readings.

Info about this kanji here.

This kanji has so many meanings regarding government, or peace.
With kunyomi readings, it’s always used with verbs: “osameru” is “to govern”. “osamaru” is “to be at peace”. “naoru” is “to be cured” and similars regarding healing, and the same with “naosu”.

As onyomi readings, uses the readings “chi” or “ji”, and it’s always used in composite with other kanjis. This kanji, in fact, it’s the “ji” of “seiji”
「政治」, the Japanese word for “politics”.

The name “Daijirō” in some people can use the writing 「大二郎」 (using one of the pronuncations of the kanji of “number two”), but this is not the reading used for Daijirō Katō. For him, the “ji” is the kanji 「治」.

This kanji has five nanori readings.

Info about this kanji here.

「郎」This means “son” and it’s also the kanji used as a counter for count how many sons you have.
Normally, it has only one kunyomi reading, “otoko”. But, normally are used the onyomi readings, “rō” and “ryō”.

This kanji has six nanori readings.

Info about this kanji here.

As you could notice, all his name uses onyomi readings in all the kanjis. I apologize deeply for having put so technical info.

Please, be aware that in Japanese language, it’s first read the family name and later the given name, and I respected this structure for this post.

Personally, I like very, very much the kanji of his given name, because they can be read as “son of a big reign”.

For the consulting of kanji I used nihongoresources, a pretty decent website for consult Japanese words and has a great kanji dictionary with the writings, the radicals, trace numbers, and pronunciation, but they do not use romaji. It requers, therefore, to know the hiragana and katakana syllabaries.

See ya soon! :3

Call me amazingly bored and unbusy human being, but yeah, I did write this. XDDD

Spreading this just because of sharing the love. XD

This is an screenshot of something who sent me this on the inbox of my blog about Daijiro Kato.

I will write anyway to the person who did this, since the person left me her e-mail (who I decided to hide for keep the privacy of the person).

Janine, thank you very much. You don’t even know how important is what you wrote for my blog about Kato. Thanks for make me feel that I’m not the only one who left in the world.

See, I truly know I am not the only one, since I know a lot of people who also remembers him, in FB or in twitter, and sometimes in Tumblr, against all the odds. But, stuff like this, remember that my efforts are not in vain.

Thanks for find my beloved blog. Thank you very much.

I am already doing a lot of myself now that it will be ten years since he left us, and also, sadly, ten years since I know about MotoGP. But now, with this… I will do even more of my best.

Thank you. Arigatou.


A fanart made for celebrate the 250cc title of Japanese rider Hiroshi Aoyama in 2009 year, last sesion ever for the 250cc, because the intermediate class would be now with 600cc and would be named Moto2.

This drawing was related with the three Japanese champions of 250cc class: Tetsuya Harada in 1993, Daijiro Kato in 2001 and Hiroshi Aoyama in 2009. In the image also appear ther other rivals for the 2009 title: The Spanish rider Álvaro Bautista and late Marco Simoncelli, from Italy.

Made by Ranka Fujiwara. And posted just because Ranka Fujiwara draws Daijiro Kato way better than the staff of the blog.

From my blog about Daijiro Kato.

Because Fujiwara draws Kato way better than me.

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Speedyard’s remembrance to one of our inspirations.

And now this is why I put that sentence in my new layout ;).

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Fuck Yeah! Daijiro Kato 「加藤大治郎」 74: From an interview of 1999 version of official website. »


This was part of an interview made to several Japanese riders who were part of teams of Honda, in November 29th, 1999. Apart of Daijiro Kato, also took part of it riders like Tohru Ukawa, Shinichi Ito, and one of the Aoki’s (Though I couldn’t translate the name, so I don’t know if it’s Nobuatsu, Haruchika or another one). There was another rider, but I couldn’t translate the name.

In the interview, apart of the questions of moderator, also in the end appeared some questions of some people, and among all of them, this:

Eさん: 皆さんの好きなサーキットとその理由を教えて。

大治郎: 「僕は、鈴鹿サーキットです。」

Translation (non so literal) to English:

Mr. E: Everybody, your favourite track and the reason.

Daijiro: For me, it’s Suzuka Circuit.


The other riders answered another stuff. Ito said that he loves Sugo. Aoki said that he likes Motegi, and Ukawa talked about the Italian track of Imola.

It’s very well known that Daijiro Kato loved Suzuka and it was his favourite track. Probably it has a lot to do with the great performances he had there, as shown when he used to ride as a wild-card rider ther in 1996, 1997 and 1998. He also won in Suzuka in 2000 and 2001 in the 250cc class.

But, also, it’s also a great irony of the destiny, since what happened in Suzuka 2003.

Apologize me for my really, really bad translation.

The complete interview: Page 1 and Page 2.

Hay formas de decir que el destino es un bastardo, y está el hecho de que el circuito preferido de Daijiro Kato era Suzuka.


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Before of Portugal GP, 2002.

In Cascais, in Portugal, for an event (Thanks, daijiro-lover-forever for the info! :D)

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Before of Portugal GP, 2002.

In Cascais, in Portugal, for an event (Thanks, daijiro-lover-forever for the info! :D)

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2002 year. Is he Tohru Ukawa in the left?

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Video made for 2007 edition of Dedikato. August 29th, 2007.

On Italian Language.

The music. The music. And all the content.

This makes me fucking cry.

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A video of Italian TV about 2004 edition of “DediKato”.


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Another photo with Norick Abe in the tracks.

Because of reasons.

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With Manabu Kamada. Probably 1998 or 1999, because the hair of Daijiro.

Japanese riders. You think they’re serious until you watch Daijiro Kato pretending to practice boxing.

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Unknown year.

Amo infinitamente la perspectiva y esa V de victoria :’3.

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Keep Calm and Love Daijiro Kato.

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