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「A change of Seasons」

Kohta Nozane -  #31 - NTS Team Norick Yamaha - SUGO - JSB1000 from All Japan Road Race Championship

Kohta Nozane, me caes bien, pero antes tenías estilo propio para peinarte.

OK, hasta entiendo lo del casco literalmente calcado al de tu mentor/héroe/hijodetuactualjefe/anteriorjefe Norick Abe. Estás en Webike/NTS Team Norick Yamaha, pero…

¿En serio literalmente copiarle el peinado a Norick en sus últimos años?

Oye, guapo, no abuses. D:


(Por cierto: Desafortunadamente Nozane no pudo debutar en Moto2 debido a la repentina muerte de su padre poco después de conseguir el campeonato de la J-GP2. Fue reemplazado por Tetsuta Nagashima. Nozane sigue activo como piloto, pero debutó en las Superbikes japonesas A.K.A. JSB1000. Es también la primera temporada del Team Norick en esta categoría).

Y así es como mi protector de pantalla del celular hizo todo mi día hoy yendo a ver una transmisión en vivo de La Bohème de Puccini cortesía de los de The Metropolitan Opera (seh, aquí también las transmiten xD) gracias a una invitación de la Universidad donde estudio.

Todo porque alguien notó esta foto mientras trataba de apagar mi celular. Y me preguntó de quién se trataba.

Es una tontería, pero se siente bien :3.


Someone I follow posted this on twitter with the objective of me, seeing it, because that person said he remembered of me with this photo.

And, well, this worked very, veeery well. *O* ♥

Finally it arrived :’D.

Thank you, dear nishijima-lover (Natsumi) :’D

I was waiting for it even more than my CD of AKB48.

Well, if you before heard of Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha, (the book or the movie, whatever), you will know that the main character was inspired on this lady.

Mineko Iwasaki was the most famous geisha of her time, in 60s. When Arthur Golden went to write Memoirs of a Geisha, he interviewed her, for the making of the character Sayuri. But, Golden made so serious tergiversation of some Japanese rituals, using the excuse of Sayuri being a fictional character. The tergiversation was more notorious on the stuff linked with the mizuage ritual. This, was the reason Iwasaki sued Golden, and she won the sue. And after of win the sue, she wrote this book, with help of Rande Brown.

I will keep reading this book, I’ve been looking for it since some time ago, and dear Natsumi offered to send it to me.

Seriously, this is a way greater resource about the geisha than Arthur Golden’s fictional thing. Because this being an autobiography, and because how brave Iwasaki was for talk of this (though, the fact of Iwasaki retired in 1970 helped a bit). The help of Rande Brown also was very much so she would explain properly how things worked on her time, since some stuff that for her and most Japaneses would be obvious, for Western people aren’t.

And, sorry, but I refuse to support Golden because despite that was fiction, it helped to reinforce all the prejudices of western people regarding the geisha. And all the shitty thing it was said of them since WWII.

Hey Mr. Valentino Rossi, are you again fangirling Japanese riders or what? XD

You posted a photo of your so beloved and admired Norick Abe in Suzuka 94 as your header (despite Abe’s face and number on that day, 56, are covered by Rossi’s face XD), and now you do a random RT of a photo of Daijiro badassmotherfucker Kato on his first victory in 250cc, Suzuka 97 (I watched that whole race!).

And later people asks why I call Rossi as fangirl.


This guy will be a regular rider next year in Moto2 in 2014 year :3.

He is Kohta Nozane, from Webike Team Norick Yamaha, actually racing in Japan in J-GP2 division of Japanese Superbikes, and he appeared some times as a wildcard in Moto2 too. He is just 17 years old and recently he won a race in Motegi, as well as a podium last week in Autopolis!

Noticed the name of the team eh? In fact, the team was founded for Norifumi “Norick” Abe (yeah the guy I love to do random fluffy posts all time <3) in 2006 year as a team for children and for support new talents. Unfortunately, as most people knows, Norick died in October 7, 2007, so actually the team is managed for other people. Probably his family (and I suspect mostly of Mr. Mitsuo Abe, former car racer and Norifumi’s father), but I am not sure since my Japanese is still awful for know who actually manages the team.

I was very happy of found this since I was worried because Norick Abe’s official website fell down in 2012 year after of spend SINCE 2008 with no activity not even for tributes, so I even thought that the team even disappeared. But I am glad of know that the legacy of one of my favourite Japanese riders and probably even my platonic love is still here in a way.

Next year, the Team Norick will enter into MotoGP in Moto2 class, with Nozane as the rider, so it is obvious that I will have someone else to support. Nozane-senshu seems to be very cool XD. AND I WILL HAVE LOADS OF FEELINGS.

And actually I already have them: The helmet design of Kozane is very similar to the designs who used Norick: The stars, feathers and the dreamcatcher. So you can notice the loads of feelings and drama I am doing right now because of it. (Fuck, Nozane! It is obvious you love Norick but be more original if you want truly to shine at least on your image!)

So… enjoy the photos XD

If you want to support them, go to their Facebook page ^o^.

(PD: I want that black shirt with Norick logo from the first photo. Seriously)

I did this thing some days ago. ^_^

You had to be here for know how much I would love to see your happiness when someone remembers you in that way, my dearest.

Wherever you are, I hope my thoughts, my words and my feelings can reach your soul.

Happy Birthday. ♥

Three years.

Be happy little Shoya-san, wherever you are. There are still people like remembers you.

I will take your farewell with greatest honour.

From 1993 to 2007: Norifumi Abe.


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Hey, my two new buttons! <3

Left: Teru, guitarrist of Versailles and Jupiter. Photo of 2011 year, from a collectible card who was in some copies of Holy Grail album by Versailles.
Right: Daijiro Kato (1976-2003), MotoGP rider. Photo of 2003 year.

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It was an older photo of January 20th in the airport of Cancún, México, when I was coming back to Colombia.

I had to put my bags and so on in there for the epically epic long travel what awaited for me from Cancún to Panamá, and from Panamá to Bogotá. And the worst of all is that I had to come back to classes the next day.

Something very funny was this photo, I was doing the queue in front of the “74 door”. And in the end, it was the door who had to use my parents and I for put my stuff.

Since then, the 74 became too my lucky number. Yes, I am so Katista even for this. XD

Today ten years ago that great Daijiro Kato left us, one of my mechanics was his mechanic! #74 (via @AleixEspargaro)


Hey, Aleix Espargaró, you’re doing it really right for make a tribute to Daijiro Kato, eh? ;)